“If guns could speak, what stories they could tell…”

About pricing.

In 2014 I went though a divorce, and had to evaluate my gun collection. The page listed for the Blue Book is for the 2014 edition, so you can see from my “Blue Book Price” how I judge the gun’s condition, “My price” below is five years old, is usually discounted from the current “Blue Book Price.” Email me at [email protected] and we’ll discuss current prices. Thank you. CC

I’ll buy guns, if I’m interested in them, usually for 50-60% the Blue Book price.

See that old gun hanging on the wall? Who knows if it even works? It’s just a nice old decoration… nobody knows where shells are for it, or even what it shoots. It just hangs there, silent. If only I could ask it a question. Who carried you, where did you go? What wild places did you see? We’ll never know, I guess. But I do know where the ammo is, and I know it shoots, too… but only I know that…for everyone else, it’s just a Wallhanger Gun…

Yes, we test-fire every gun before we sell it. We make certain it works and we fix it if it’s broken. These aren’t pristine collector pieces, which never saw the world outside a gun safe. These guns fed frontier families, defended homes from bandits, intruders and wild animals. If only they could speak- what stories they could tell! If we’ve not fired a gun, or if we’re selling it broken- and some of these guns  are old enough and tired enough that it would be a bad idea to shoot them- we’ll say so in the description. These guns are sold as “wall hangers”, and we don’t guarantee them as anything more. Sometimes we’ll fill screw-slots with ID marked grease to prevent people from stealing parts from them, and then returning them. We have a 3 day no-questions-asked return policy, if you feel we misrepresented our stuff.

Marlin 1889 Saddle Gun, Octagon Barrel, aftermarket rear sight, “Montana Indian Gun”, provenance unknown. 44/40. Perfect function. Worn barrel, repaired stock.